[ilds] lost durrelliana

James Gifford odos.fanourios at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 10:06:20 PST 2008

It seems to me more likely that it will turn up in some library that 
hasn't digitized its Special Collections catalogue...  Still, I'm 
curious about how they know about it -- I'd assume through the 
Durrell-Gawsworth correspondence, but how extensive is the reference, 
and do we know how far LD got in the projects?  The latter, however, 
seems to be Gawsworth's lost work, and for that, who knows!  Those who 
saw the Gawsworth documentary in Victoria know how lucky we are he 
didn't misplace everything.

It'll take something like the Joyce industry to actually track 'em all 
down.  Still, I'm game.


slighcl wrote:
> I would be grateful for any news of sightings of the following items, 
> which are mentioned in a footnote to the University of Iowa Special 
> Collections Gawsworth Holdings:
>>         *(2) /The Oxford Book of Suppressed Verse --/ Lawrence Durrell
>>         once intended to publish; this ribald compilation is sadly
>>         lost. (3) /Liber Amicorum/ (1935-49) was a manuscript album of
>>         verse gathered from 44 friends, including Durrell, de la Mare,
>>         James Stephens, and Seumas O'Sullivan. It also is lost.*
>>         http://www.lib.uiowa.edu/spec-coll/Bai/eng.htm
> The first anthology would have made sense and would be not at all 
> impossible to believe, given Durrell's friendship with the Ridlers.  
> Perhaps one or both of these will turn up one day in some grandmother's 
> attic in Oxford. . . .
> Charles
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