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And I really like the following post from down-under, which counts as "Durrellian" by proxy:

      Wot, no travel writer ? The very descriptive Michael Haag on Matters Egyptian ( The River Nile, Alexandria, etc , with brilliant photographs ) should be on the list.

      Bettina Maskelyne, Brisbane Queensland, Australia

Charles, I don't know Bettina but I will look her up. I'd Say she works out of Uni of Queensland - a long way north of my home town.

By the way, the responses to the Times "50 Greatest Writers" have shown a healthy voicing of "Hey, Hey: Where is Durrell?"  (I count at least 6 postings.  My own posting championing Durrell and Powys and other writers not 'cookie cutter neat' has not appeared as of now.)

Denise and I were looking at the 50 greatest British Writers since 1945 and decided Durrell was not on the list because the compilers 'snubbed' him for not really being British.

He was born in India (a colony) albeit to British parents

He hardly lived in England and did not much write about the place - even though British Characters inhabit his novels as ex pats and fellow 'travellers'/free spririts.

In in life he made his dislike of 'pudding island' well known and claimed Irishness rather than Englishness.

I think Durrell had as much chance of getting on the list as an Aussie, Canadian or even North Carolinan writer.

one can just imagine the terse conversation

"Now, what about this Durrell Chap?"
"Mnyess, well, not really British is he? Indian born. Lived in bloody wog countries. Didn't much like us and .... well, claimed to be Irish anyway. Next..........."


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