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Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Research Centers, Manuscript Museum,
Personal Effects of Celebrities

The Section houses a collection of personal effects of eminent figures, 
chief among them are:

a- Kavafis (1279-1352 H., 1863-1933 AD)
Some possessions of the renowned Greek poet Kavafis. The collection 
includes a pair of reading glasses, sunglasses, rosaries (chaplets), a 
thermometer, pipe stems, and an alarm clock, in addition to, a copper 
mask of Kavafis by the Greek artist Michalis Vafiadis. Donated to the 
Bibliotheca Alexandrina by the Greek-Egyptian Friendship League.

*b- Lawrence Durrell (1330-1410 H., 1912-1990 AD)
A paper knife of the well-known British novelist Durrell, the author of 
The Alexandria Quartet. His wife, Eva Durrell donated his complete works 
to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina amongst which was this paper knife made 
of scented sandalwood.*

The Four Seasons
Four sculptures made of white Italian marble in the thirteenth century 
of the Hijra. (19th c. AD). Each statue represents one of the four 
seasons of the year, following the concepts and standards of ancient 
Greek sculpture. This collection was in the possession of John 
Antoniadis (Antoniadis palace and garden). Donated to the Bibliotheca 
Alexandrina by the Regional Authority for Tourism Promotion, Alexandria.

Two Gala Uniforms

Two gala uniforms of Sa‘i-d Pasha (father of the painter Mahmu-d Sa‘i-d) 
embroidered with golden threads.

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