[ilds] "a Western reference point for Cyprus in the 50s"

James Gifford odos.fanourios at gmail.com
Sun Jan 20 11:25:23 PST 2008

Petra was at the Corfu conference and published a chapter in Anna 
Lillios' book on Durrell and the Greek world.  It sounds like this is a 
continuation of her work -- her chapter in Anna's book is certainly 
worth reading (John Bandler has commented on it for his talk at ACLALS 
last August), and I'll make a point of picking this one up.

Here's some more information on the volume:


If Petra isn't on the list, I'll invite her to send some comments.


slighcl wrote:
> Dear Listserv:
> I found the following review in my mailbox this morning.  I have 
> highlighted the sentences relating to Durrell.
> As described here by the viewer, the article on Durrell sounds rather 
> programmatic.  Can anyone tell me more?
> Charles
> ***
> http://www.cyprus-mail.com/news/main.php?id=37117&cat_id=9
> *British colonialism in Cyprus: a bird’s eye view*
> *By Stavros Stavrou Karayanni*
> *Hubert Faustmann and Nicos Peristianis, eds. Britain in Cyprus: 
> Colonialism and Postcolonialism 1878-2006. Mannheim: Bibliopolis, 2006. 
> pp.660.*
> Petra Tournay-Theodotou’s article “The Empire Writes Back” concerns itself with Greek Cypriot nationalist responses to Lawrence Durrell’s Bitter Lemons of Cyprus, the novel that has, rather sadly, become a Western reference point for Cyprus in the 50s. Applying terms and concepts from postcolonial theory, Tournay-Theodotou establishes that the Greek Cypriot authors Rodis Roufos and Costas Montis “are caught up precisely in this dilemma of seeking self-representation while at the same time resorting to recurrent tropes of anti-colonial nationalist discourse”.

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