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Thanks for the replies. Douglas and David certainly sound worthy of further reading in the context of that whole bunch of toffy English writers who appear to have inhabited the end of empire days as bohemians, writers, drinkers and so on; the characters who feature in Durrell's works in many forms. I suppose it was the age before the proletarian scholars and the kind of modern writing that eschews classical learning and scholarship and prefers 'plain English' to latinate modes of expression and in which words of one syllable appear very frequently.

I used to know an English Teacher who I now think confused Lawrence Durrell with Norman Douglas. Years ago when I told him I was reading LD he looked at me somewhat scandalised and then said that the reason LD liked Greece was because of the 'little greek boys'. I went into the matter but could find no evidence that Durrell was so inclined. I think my colleaque was confusing him with Douglas.

Agree with Bruce about the garlic crusher. Go with the technology. The garlic tastes the same.


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