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Well said, Brewster.  And Shirley Hazzard's book is indeed well worth reading, and not only for the pleasure of her prose.


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>Cooper's book Cairo in the War is undependable, as Michael Haag and I have  
>shown in our recent publications.  Her bio of the gorgeous E. David is more  
>dependable I assume.  David did not know LD in Greece but in Cairo.   Don't 
>recall her sleeping with Manning's husband Reggie who didn't look  particularly 
>attractive, but quien sabe? David's books are classics, despite her  incredibly 
>misguided abhorrence for the garlic press.  Norman  Douglas has, of course, 
>been the subject of much discussion and has entered into  fiction in an 
>interesting book about one of his early youth (he was apparently  quite the pedophile) 
>bed mates who goes to Kenya to run a plantation but meets  David and Douglas 
>again on Capri.  See also Shirley Hazzard's "Greene on  Capri" well worth 
>reading even if one doesn't like Graham Greene's work.
>        Brewster

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