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Albeit, the modernists seem to employ madness and eccentricities almost 
as a membership card, but I don't think I could say the same about 
Hardy, Forster, or even Beckett for that matter. - Charles

perhaps the artistic temperament, so called, is an indulgence used to cover appalling behaviour?

Hummm....... we know little of Will Shakespeare, he was too busy writing. 38 plays and and 154 sonnets in twenty years...........not much time for creative madness perhaps.

Durrell's creative madness appears to have bloomed later in life when a) he had money b) Claude had died and c) heavy drinking was taking it's toll.

some writers are in fact deeply boring workaholics who inhabit their own worlds. they just tap away and the keyboard and sell books.

the writer as flambouyant eccentric is, however, much more fun. Here's to Brendan Behan, Dylan Thomas, Ol Hem, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Charles Bukowski, Lord Byron, Henry Lawson, Francois Villons, Rabelaise and Lawrence Durrell


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