[ilds] EH, LD, madness vs. academia

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Nice point, Bruce.  Here is a passage from Lionel Trilling's diary.  (Stop 
me if you've read this before.)

"Saw a letter Hemingway wrote--a crazy letter, written when he was 
drunk--self-revealing, arrogant, scared, trivial, absurd: yet felt from 
reading it how right such a man is compared to the 'good minds' of my 
university life--how he will produce and mean something to the world...how 
his life which he could expose without dignity and which is anarchic and 
'childish' is a better life than anyone I know could live, and right for his 
job. And how far-far-far I am going from being a writer--how less and less I 
have the material and the mind and the will."

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> David:
> Great writers are capable of saying all kinds of absurd things, so that 
> puts EH and LD in the same boat.  Academics, on the other hand, are sane, 
> rational, grammatically correct, and often boring.  They don't have the 
> madness necessary to write great books.  Your example of Shelby Foote's 
> deliberate solecism, however, is wrong.  His point is that prior to the US 
> Civil War, the term "United States" took a plural verb, i.e., the states 
> were separate entities, but after the war it took a singular, i.e., the 
> nation was a unity -- or so it once was.  I think it's reverted to the 
> plural.  Everyone should go to Egypt.
> Bruce

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