[ilds] Police, puritans and changing times

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Great writers are capable of saying all kinds of absurd things, so that puts EH and LD in the same boat.  Academics, on the other hand, are sane, rational, grammatically correct, and often boring.  They don't have the madness necessary to write great books.  Your example of Shelby Foote's deliberate solecism, however, is wrong.  His point is that prior to the US Civil War, the term "United States" took a plural verb, i.e., the states were separate entities, but after the war it took a singular, i.e., the nation was a unity -- or so it once was.  I think it's reverted to the plural.  Everyone should go to Egypt.


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>glad someone responded to my post. I like Ol' Hem too, but he is not exactly 
>flavour of the month with the fashionable literary set is he? all that 
>blokey stuff. "only Bullfighters live all the way up" - only Hem could say 
>that! I guess once you are famous you can say anything. Paris Hilton says 
>"I'm deep" and people ....well know what she is talking about
>So I am going to say "only Rugby players live true lives"
>Or "the American Civil War made us an is" - Shelby Foote
>Glad your back Bruce - what an exotic life you live.
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>> Back from Egypt.  Well put, DG, although I question the assessment about 
>> EH, for the same reason LD is no longer trendy.  I like Papa.

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