[ilds] authenticity and borrowing

william godshalk godshawl at email.uc.edu
Mon Dec 3 13:06:42 PST 2007

In the past year we have discussed rather thoroughly Durrell's use of 
the writing of others. Does his method of tessellation immediately 
render him "inauthentic?" Or, if Durrell uses a writer who has been 
there, done that, does that choice render Durrell authentic? He 
selected an "authentic" source.

But at bottom I really find the argument about authenticity 
ungrounded. Can anyone give us two descriptions of the same thing, 
one authentic, the other inauthentic, and then explain why one is and 
the other is not "authentic." It would be best if the descriptions 
were unknown to us so we would not be influenced by prior judgments 
and preconceptions.

Anyone have two descriptions of the same thing to hand?


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