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On 12/3/2007 2:35 PM, James Gifford wrote:
> The peculiar thing is that our aesthetic engagement with fiction, and 
> the late 20th century favour for metafiction runs contrary to the 
> political effects and expectations of accuracy that underpin most 
> postcolonial and political approaches.  That both would rise to 
> prominence at the same moment seems peculiar, and I think Durrell's 
> importance to literary history relies (albeit to a small degree) on the 
> problems he creates between these two paradigms.
I would agree with this assessment.  In fact, it reminds me of the way 
Michael Levenson teaches his undergrad lecture course on 
Twentieth-Century Literature.  Michael starts out with the usual 
characters--Conrad, Eliot, Woolf, Joyce &c.--but in the last third of 
the course he covers the "contrary" stances on "authenticity" cited by 
James--Warhol's /Popism /vs. several post-colonial works--and then 
closes down with Arundhati Roy's /God of Small Things.//

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