[ilds] authentically French?

Marc Piel marcpiel at interdesign.fr
Sun Dec 2 06:27:12 PST 2007

Hello Charles,
Yes for over 70 years, INA has collected radio and 
TV, films, clips etc... Last year they started to 
make numeric versions and more than 100 000 items 
are now available on the internet. 80% are free.

I think you missed one:


...and the last one on your list has nothing to do 
with LD: must be a keyword error in the INA files.

It seems that when you visualise them for free, 
that the ends get cut off.
The cost is so little it is probably worth buying 
them (3 to 5 Euros each).

As they numerise, they regularly put up more items.


slighcl wrote:

> It gets harder each time to pull up something more surprising than the 
> last round of show-and-tell, but once more into the breach. . . .
> Here is a cache of French television and radio interviews with Durrell.  
> I will let my friend Marc judge the authenticity of these performances.  
> For my own part, I think that even as late as the 1980s LD appears to 
> still have his sparkling eye.  And then we even get to see Durrell at 
> Cannes 1973--too much!
> And could our Northern Office please pluck these clips and burn them to 
> DVD for me?  Many thanks.
> Building the Archive.
> C&c.
> ****
> fiche média
> Festival de Cannes : interview de Lawrence Durrell
> De Soleil et d'Azur
> ORTF - 01/06/1973 - 00h22m12s
> http://www.ina.fr/archivespourtous/?vue=notice&from=fulltext&full=durrell&num_notice=2&total_notices=5
> fiche média
> Lawrence DURRELL
> Radioscopie
> RF - 17/02/1982 - 00h55m00s
> http://www.ina.fr/archivespourtous/?vue=notice&from=fulltext&full=durrell&num_notice=3&total_notices=5
> fiche média
> Stars et débutants
> Apostrophes
> A2 - 14/06/1985 - 01h21m04s
> http://www.ina.fr/archivespourtous/?vue=notice&from=fulltext&full=durrell&num_notice=1&total_notices=5

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