[ilds] authentically French?

slighcl slighcl at wfu.edu
Sat Dec 1 18:27:14 PST 2007

It gets harder each time to pull up something more surprising than the 
last round of show-and-tell, but once more into the breach. . . .

Here is a cache of French television and radio interviews with Durrell.  
I will let my friend Marc judge the authenticity of these performances.  
For my own part, I think that even as late as the 1980s LD appears to 
still have his sparkling eye.  And then we even get to see Durrell at 
Cannes 1973--too much!

And could our Northern Office please pluck these clips and burn them to 
DVD for me?  Many thanks.

Building the Archive.



fiche média
Festival de Cannes : interview de Lawrence Durrell
De Soleil et d'Azur
ORTF - 01/06/1973 - 00h22m12s

fiche média
Lawrence DURRELL
RF - 17/02/1982 - 00h55m00s

fiche média
Stars et débutants
A2 - 14/06/1985 - 01h21m04s

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Department of English
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