[ilds] LD's critique of Logue's "War Music"

Marc Piel marcpiel at interdesign.fr
Mon Oct 29 15:11:41 PDT 2007

Please excuse me if I ask some questions and need 

It is easy to write three words "he had none". For 
me this needs qualifying information!

I have read many translations of Cavafy in english 
and in french: i find the LD translations largely 
superior (guess I can be accused as being biaised).

Too often, on the list, people ascertain without 

Je me fait avocat du diable!!


James Gifford wrote:

> Thanks Michael -- I think that puts an end (I suspect the end nearly 
> everyone expected) to one of Bowker's little mysteries.
> Two curiosities to go along with it:
> 1) Panayotis Gerontopolis has argued LD used the French translation as a 
> bridge translation for _Pope Joan_ because he didn't have an adequate 
> command the Kathourevousa.  I don't have the skills to confirm it, but 
> he convinced me.  He's done that in his (unpublished, I believe) 
> Introduction to his own translation and in his paper on Rhodes in 2004.
> 2) I recently reviewed a book that argued Cavafy's Greek (Demotic) was 
> quite poor, citing his early works in English...  I think that notion is 
> much, much more suspect (comments Anthony?!), but thankfully there were 
> plenty of other things on which I could comment in {ahem} great detail.
> Best,
> James
> Michael Haag wrote:
>>He had none.
>>On Monday, October 29, 2007, at 08:04  pm, James Gifford wrote:
>>>Michael?  Just how good was Durrell's Homeric Greek?
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