[ilds] LD's critique of Logue's "War Music"

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Mon Oct 29 10:58:27 PDT 2007

The latest issue of the University of Chicago Press's sale catalogue has an  
entry for Christopher Logue's "War Music" published originally in 2003, at 
least  in paperback, with a quotation from a piece by LD in London Magazine.   
Given the fact that LD died in 1990, this would constitute something close to a  
miraculous revival of the dead.  Unless, of course, some version of War  
Music was published much earlier and LD had a critical whack at it.  Can  anyone 
provide a solution to this?    
    The quotation reads: "It is the perfect intoduction  to Homer, faithful 
in tone and spirit to the esstential Greekness of the old  poem."  Did LD have 
enough ancient Greek to read Homer in the  original?
    Coincidently, the quotation just above LD's comes  from George Steiner, 
to wit: "Formidably penetrating .. At its finest, the  result verges on 
genius."  Well.

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