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Opinions are not having much of a day. I suggest we agree to differ, and leave it at that. 
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  WLG:  But, of course, they do come off.

  Not in my opinion.


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      If Durrell made a mint off  them, fine, I'm glad he did, and don't hold any of that against him.  A 
      more interesting question is why he didn't succeed at those stories.  The 
      subject matter is great, and Durrell's sense of humor is superb.  So why 
      don't they come off?  Answering that question might say something about 
      his habits and abilities.

    But, of course, they do come off. They are delightful. I assure you all that you don't have to be British to enjoy these short stories. I only wish that Durrell had thought as much of them as I do, and that he had gone on to write "Antrobus meets Jeeves."


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