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What porn movie?!

Sorry to disappoint you Brewster but, to my knowledge Cate Blanchette has not appeared in any porn movies as at the time of writing. I was merely creating a fictional example of the artist, in the this case an actor, doing worthy work and being praised for it and doing less worthy work and being condemned in the same way that some may praise LD for the Alexandria Quartet and run him down for the Antrobus yarns as if worthy authors always have to do worthy things.

I enjoy reading classic texts and listening to classical music but I also like watching world cup rugby and drinking beer!

...and speaking of world cup rugby, I was really pleased to see the United States having go again; world superpower but rugby minnows. I sure hope they keep at it. When I was in the US years ago there was a real cult around rugby in the northeast. It was great. This small group of university and college loonies playing ra ra in the land of gridiron and baseball. They drank lots of beer and had posters in their dorms that said
"Rugby players eat their dead"

What has this got to do with LD - well I bet he played it in England in his youth. No English (or Australian) private school boy of that era escaped the mud, blood, sweat and appalling body odour of the rugby scrum.

I myself played until I retired hurt at the age of 7.

As to humour, well its transports. American Comedies are popular in Australia. Americans lapped up Monty Python. Many Aussies don't get British humour unless its Benny Hill or Carry On type stuff. As for the French - Marc tell me more.


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  What porn movie?!

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    In 1957 or ,58 Baltazar sold 7,000 copies in a month; a better potboiler n'est pas than Espirit de Corps and we would all say a better book - but then Durrell was gold at this time.

    regarding the ownership of authors, I would say that actors fit into this theme as well. We clap approvingly when Kate Blanchette does a worthy film about 'the big issues' but cringe when she turns up in a c- grade porn movie and we are not convinced when she says "Oh well, I was curious about this genre and..mmm It was easy work for the money".

    When I was freelancing, I would labour over features and articles for quality magazines only to be paid a pittance and then get $1000.00 for a half made up tacky story for a low brow bits and bum mag like People or Aussie Post, now defunct. Same author, different paycheck.


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