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I couldnt disagree more. Yes they are potboilers - LD claimed he was paid a 
great deal of money and that they took a vey short time to write, but yes 
also, they are very funny but you have to be quite British to appreciate the 
self-deprecating sarcasm. Do we have to deadly serious all the time?
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> David:
> A fair assessment.  But there are potboilers (which can be very 
> interesting) and then there are potboilers (which are absolutely 
> horrible).  The Antrobus series falls into the latter category, in my 
> opinion.  Nothing quite as bad as a joke which doesn't work and falls flat 
> on its face -- that's Antrobus, by and large.  If Durrell made a mint off 
> them, fine, I'm glad he did, and don't hold any of that against him.  A 
> more interesting question is why he didn't succeed at those stories.  The 
> subject matter is great, and Durrell's sense of humor is superb.  So why 
> don't they come off?  Answering that question might say something about 
> his habits and abilities.
> Bruce
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>>There appears to be consensus that, even if the Antrobus stories are not
>>funny to all, they are certainly not LD's best work. There is a writer in
>>the movie Reuben Reuben who, when told of an earnest writer who had 'sold
>>out', said "personally I can't wait to sell out".
>>When Espirit de Corps came out it sold 6,000 copies in a month.
>>Apparently some of his FO (the fuck off office as I have oft heard it
>>described) friends felt it well below his level of ability. Miller hated
>>them and another American, R. W. Flint wrote "passably funny but also
>>embarrassing, an obvious potboiler by a first rate novelist is
>>Why do people think they own writers?
>>"Oh I used to like him, but he has gone off you know"
>>Durrell was a first rate novelist, but he also wrote potboilers. c'est la
>>vie - I can deal with it
>>Quelle Maleur!
>>Now where is that blasted old paperback???????????????
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