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Do you meal Cate Blanchett?

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  In 1957 or ,58 Baltazar sold 7,000 copies in a month; a better potboiler n'est pas than Espirit de Corps and we would all say a better book - but then Durrell was gold at this time.

  regarding the ownership of authors, I would say that actors fit into this theme as well. We clap approvingly when Kate Blanchette does a worthy film about 'the big issues' but cringe when she turns up in a c- grade porn movie and we are not convinced when she says "Oh well, I was curious about this genre and..mmm It was easy work for the money".

  When I was freelancing, I would labour over features and articles for quality magazines only to be paid a pittance and then get $1000.00 for a half made up tacky story for a low brow bits and bum mag like People or Aussie Post, now defunct. Same author, different paycheck.


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