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A fair assessment.  But there are potboilers (which can be very interesting) and then there are potboilers (which are absolutely horrible).  The Antrobus series falls into the latter category, in my opinion.  Nothing quite as bad as a joke which doesn't work and falls flat on its face -- that's Antrobus, by and large.  If Durrell made a mint off them, fine, I'm glad he did, and don't hold any of that against him.  A more interesting question is why he didn't succeed at those stories.  The subject matter is great, and Durrell's sense of humor is superb.  So why don't they come off?  Answering that question might say something about his habits and abilities.


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>There appears to be consensus that, even if the Antrobus stories are not 
>funny to all, they are certainly not LD's best work. There is a writer in 
>the movie Reuben Reuben who, when told of an earnest writer who had 'sold 
>out', said "personally I can't wait to sell out".
>When Espirit de Corps came out it sold 6,000 copies in a month.
>Apparently some of his FO (the fuck off office as I have oft heard it 
>described) friends felt it well below his level of ability. Miller hated 
>them and another American, R. W. Flint wrote "passably funny but also 
>embarrassing, an obvious potboiler by a first rate novelist is 
>Why do people think they own writers?
>"Oh I used to like him, but he has gone off you know"
>Durrell was a first rate novelist, but he also wrote potboilers. c'est la 
>vie - I can deal with it
>Quelle Maleur!
>Now where is that blasted old paperback???????????????

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