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There appears to be consensus that, even if the Antrobus stories are not 
funny to all, they are certainly not LD's best work. There is a writer in 
the movie Reuben Reuben who, when told of an earnest writer who had 'sold 
out', said "personally I can't wait to sell out".

When Espirit de Corps came out it sold 6,000 copies in a month.

Apparently some of his FO (the fuck off office as I have oft heard it 
described) friends felt it well below his level of ability. Miller hated 
them and another American, R. W. Flint wrote "passably funny but also 
embarrassing, an obvious potboiler by a first rate novelist is 

Why do people think they own writers?

"Oh I used to like him, but he has gone off you know"

Durrell was a first rate novelist, but he also wrote potboilers. c'est la 
vie - I can deal with it

Quelle Maleur!

Now where is that blasted old paperback???????????????


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> Hi David,
> Yes I was sorry that France did so badly after having eliminated the 
> AllBlacks. Wierd situation n'est-ce pas?
> I was sorry to see the poms beat aussie: had australian visitors at that 
> time.
> I usually enjoy british humour, but don't find the "ridicule" of Antrobus 
> at all funny. Think LD must have done that on purpose: "Taking the Mickey 
> out of someone" is I think the right expression.
> Best regards,
> Marc
> Denise Tart & David Green wrote:
>> As a "commun des mortels" I have always found this
>> writing a denunciation of an impossible
>> "political" and "british" situation. Never have I
>> found it funny!!! Not even the rather good
>> drawings by a member of Pentagram (he was just
>> doing what he was paid for).
>> Marc Piel
>> Marc! I gather you are French and are in mourning over France's defeats 
>> in the Rugby World Cup? As a terrible Francophile I am in mourning also - 
>> for my Aussie team as well who did even worse.
>> Yes, the British humour can be tricky - but I think Antrobus is a good 
>> place to go and will dig out my copy; cheap paperback of course.
>> David Green
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