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Denise Tart & David Green dtart at bigpond.net.au
Tue Oct 23 12:50:42 PDT 2007

As a "commun des mortels" I have always found this
writing a denunciation of an impossible
"political" and "british" situation. Never have I
found it funny!!! Not even the rather good
drawings by a member of Pentagram (he was just
doing what he was paid for).
Marc Piel

Marc! I gather you are French and are in mourning over France's defeats in 
the Rugby World Cup? As a terrible Francophile I am in mourning also - for 
my Aussie team as well who did even worse.

Yes, the British humour can be tricky - but I think Antrobus is a good place 
to go and will dig out my copy; cheap paperback of course.

David Green

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