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Bill, you're too kind to Durrell at his worst.


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>Remember that life is a jest and all things show it -- even Durrell'sEsprit de Corps. 
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>I agree.
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>>As a "commun des mortels" I have always found this 
>>writing a denunciation of an impossible 
>>"political" and "british" situation. Never have I
>>found it funny!!! Not even the rather good 
>>drawings by a member of Pentagram (he was just 
>>doing what he was paid for).
>>Marc Piel
>>James Gifford wrote:
>>> An intriguing reference Charles!!
>>> I never thought of it (though I ought to have in August when Iwas 
>>> talking about the politics of Durrell's works), but thedeliberately 
>>> humorous accounts of Antrobus reveal a deeply felt ambiguityover 
>>> diplomacy, just as Woolcott expresses...  I wonder if it'sviable to 
>>> retrace the cutting political edge of the first Antrobus seriesfocusing 
>>> on the Balkans in particular?
>>> I suspect Durrell experienced or struggled with similar feelingsto 
>>> those articulated by Woolcott -- if it were not for the genuinesense of 
>>> horror with which he discusses politics in Belgrade, we mightmistake 
>>> Antrobus for a ridiculous sketch, but perhaps there's somethingdark and 
>>> horrible in there as well.  Humm...
>>> Best,
>>> Jamie
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