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Marc Piel marcpiel at interdesign.fr
Tue Oct 23 11:58:08 PDT 2007

As a "commun des mortels" I have always found this 
writing a denunciation of an impossible 
"political" and "british" situation. Never have I 
found it funny!!! Not even the rather good 
drawings by a member of Pentagram (he was just 
doing what he was paid for).
Marc Piel

James Gifford wrote:

> An intriguing reference Charles!!
> I never thought of it (though I ought to have in August when I was 
> talking about the politics of Durrell's works), but the deliberately 
> humorous accounts of Antrobus reveal a deeply felt ambiguity over 
> diplomacy, just as Woolcott expresses...  I wonder if it's viable to 
> retrace the cutting political edge of the first Antrobus series focusing 
> on the Balkans in particular?
> I suspect Durrell experienced or struggled with similar feelings to 
> those articulated by Woolcott -- if it were not for the genuine sense of 
> horror with which he discusses politics in Belgrade, we might mistake 
> Antrobus for a ridiculous sketch, but perhaps there's something dark and 
> horrible in there as well.  Humm...
> Best,
> Jamie
> slighcl wrote:
>>Richard Woolcott: Burning Bridges 
>>Webdiary - Australia
>>So I read again *Lawrence Durrell's* satire about British diplomacy in 
>>the Balkans, Esprit de Corps; Sketches From Diplomatic Life, published 
>>in 1957 and *...*
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