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On 10/2/2007 3:53 PM, slighcl wrote:
>> Again, I will be happy to learn the truth, whatever the case.  But I
>> would ask, What really is worth recalling about this statement /as a
>> statement made by Lawrence Durrell/?  Or, phrased differently: What
>> makes this utterance sound Durrellian, if it does?
>>     Selina Lai wrote:
>>     <  >>     I am searching for the biblio source of a 
>>     <  >>     quote by Lawrence Durrell: "the sense of truth no matter how 
>>     <  >>     subjective is necessary for the experience of beauty." 
>         On 10/2/2007 2:29 PM, richardpin at eircom.net wrote:
>>         I suspect that this quotation is not directly from LD 
Failing Truth, I will cite some words coming to us from "the classical 
head and romantic heart of Ludwig Pursewarden":

        "I think it better for us to steer clear of the big oblong words
        like Beauty and Truth and so on.  Do you mind?  We are all so
        silly and feeble-witted when it comes to living, but giants when
        it comes to pronouncing on the universe."

                --/ Balthazar /(London: Faber, 1958) 239.

But perhaps the other quote is Durrell penning a Darley-ism.


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