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Sat Sep 15 22:23:34 PDT 2007

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Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 19:58:23 -0400
From: slighcl <slighcl at wfu.edu>
Subject: [ilds] The solace of such work. . . .


I liked the article you forwarded. Interesting points: e.g., how much space 
should the travel writer devote to simple (as opposed to evocative) 
description, and on background information, when these are available to the 
reader on the Net through texts and photographs? Of course this raises the 
question: what is evocative description? I think Rory McLean has a point. 
With access to both photographs and information on the Net, even the 
traveller goes armed with so much exposure to the place he or she is 
visiting, that the sense of discovery can only be found in something unique 
which the traveller must find during his journey (travelling hopefully....) 
and at the destinations being visited. Widespread travel has greatly 
increased the chances of readers visiting many places they would not have 
got to in an earlier era, and the travel writer has to have something new 
for readers who may have been where the writer has been.



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