[ilds] Banned Books Week

Philip Walsh bf779 at freenet.carleton.ca
Tue Sep 4 07:04:30 PDT 2007

william godshalk wrote:
> I've found some very strange (from my western point of view) eastern 
> pirated editions. Of course, these pirated editions are in English; 
> they are not unauthorized translations. And I wonder what market these 
> forgeries are aimed at. Here is an example from my library:
> Durrell, Lawrence. /The Black Book/. Covina, California: Collectors 
> Publications [Marvin Miller], 1967. "First American Printing." 
> Foreword by Jules Griffon. Paperback. Looks like a pirated edition.

Collectors Publications was a widely-distributed pirate firm in the 
middle-1960s.  They had a large list, mostly (but not exclusively) 
copies of Olympia Press titles, mostly priced at about $1.25.    In New 
York City, you found them in the porno shops around Times Square, but a 
major chain called Bookmasters carried a lot of them too.    I once saw 
the Collectors Publications  complete edition of "Ulysses" priced at  

My recollection of the period is that most of the Olympia titles were at 
one point deemed to be in the public domain, so that a lot of little 
companies rushed out cheap copies of their titles, many of them simply 
photo-offsets of the original books.

Back to Durrell:  I have a Collectors Publications book from 1968 ("The 
Bagman's Book of Limericks") which still included their edition of  "The 
Black Book" among their publications.   (Also available,  "My Secret 
Life" in eleven volumes.)

Philip Walsh
Ottawa, Canada

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