[ilds] Banned Books Week

Charles Sligh slighcl at wfu.edu
Mon Sep 3 18:20:35 PDT 2007


ID 	9932610
Language 	English (eng)
Personal name 	Durrell, Lawrence
Relation to the work 	author
Main title 	Balthazar
Remainder of title page 	Lawrence Durrell
Source 	Source: Jacobsens Index of Objectionable Literature, South Africa
Censoring body 	Customs and Excise Act No.55 of 1955 and Publication Act No. 42
of 1974
Period of censorship 	October 4, 1991 - April 2, 1993, 1991-1993
Type of material 	Book
Country 	South Africa (5458)
Reason for censorship 	Moral
Type of censorship 	Banned

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