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I don't have my books with me at the moment, but the fact that _The 
Black Book_ was published in 1938 and didn't appear in the USA until 
1960 and the UK until 1973 says enough, I should think...  Here's what I 
could rustle up online:

:: Ray Morrison lists the Black Book as banned in the UK for more than 3 
decades (_Smile in His Mind's Eye_ p. 270) -- I would tend to trust 
Ray's thoroughness in checking that.

:: Grove Koger (I'd call him reliable, but a Jacky Gleason song will 
soon arrive if I do) lists it as banned in the Literary Encyclopedia 
(and he's one of the minority that gets the date right!)

:: Stephen Gray lists it as *still* banned in 1965 in an interview 
collected by Earl Ingersoll in his _LD: Conversations_ book, p. 97.

I hope that helps a little!


Pamela Francis wrote:
> Ack! of course, Jamie! how could we forget the Black Book? Perhaps someone 
> could enlighten us on the history of its ostracization?
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>> Hey folks--just a reminder that Sept. 22-29 is Banned Books Week (at least
>> in the US--is it in Canada and Australia and Greece too?) Anyway, at least
>> in some places, Amnesty Intl, bookstores, libraries, etc., will sponsor 
>> open
>> readings of books that have been banned by various authorities (I'm reading
>>from Kazantzakis' Last Temptation of Christ). I'm curious--does anyone know
>> if Durrell has been banned? If so, when and why?
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