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Mon Sep 3 16:46:45 PDT 2007

Hey Pamela,

I don't know for certain if Durrell's _The Black Book_ was banned in 
Britain and/or North America, but it would be fair to presume due to its 
publication through the Obelisk Press.  There are some comments in:

Armstrong, James. "'Banned in America by the U.S. Customs Officials!': 
The Publication of Peter Neagoe's Storm (1932)." _The Papers of the 
Bibliographic Society of America_ 93.1 (1999): 38-51.
     Notes: Durrell and Miller are discussed and used as evidence in the 
author's analysis of the banning of Neagoe's work, all being published 
by the Obelisk Press.

I don't have the bibliographies handy just now, but I can add to that 
the Circle Editions in California (an anarchist press), which published 
_Zero and Asylum in the Snow_, repeatedly listed _The Black Book_ and 
took out advertising for it, but it is apparently the only book in that 
year's list that was not actually produced.  At least, I have yet to be 
able to find it, and I've look pretty hard...  I suspect it fell under 
the knife.

It would be fair to presume _The Black Book_ was under censors' 
pressures if not outright censorship.


ps: I'm pretty sure we have the same dates for banned book week up here, 
though I'm not sure if any of that is 'official' -- we do, however, have 
Freedom to Read Week at the end of February.

Pamela Francis wrote:
> Hey folks--just a reminder that Sept. 22-29 is Banned Books Week (at least 
> in the US--is it in Canada and Australia and Greece too?) Anyway, at least 
> in some places, Amnesty Intl, bookstores, libraries, etc., will sponsor open 
> readings of books that have been banned by various authorities (I'm reading 
> from Kazantzakis' Last Temptation of Christ). I'm curious--does anyone know 
> if Durrell has been banned? If so, when and why?
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