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thanks for sharing Paddy's letter with us. I was delighted to read of another who came to LD the way I did - through the island books. They were magical when I first read them at university in my 20s and they still are 20 odd years later. It is very hard to put a finger on their unique quality except to say the personality of this wise, witty, vivacious man inhabits each page along with the colour, sound, taste and mood of the Greek Islands and their suggested, half told histories - enough though to exite the reader to further studies.

I have probably read Prospero's Cell, Reflections on a Marine Venus and Bitter Lemons more than any books in my possession - and that is saying something. My original copies were so well thumbed that they fell apart and had to be replaced.

Does anyone know if decently made hard back editions may be bought?

David Green

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