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*Is there any film of Lawrencwe Durrell that can be seen on the web?*
If interested, you can view the first 20 minutes of the 2006 BBC
dramatization of Gerald's *My Family and Other Animals* on www.youtube.com.

Here is the link to the program's first 10 minutes:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KPwCD8IObY.  The second 10 minute segment:

On 8/29/07, william godshalk <godshawl at email.uc.edu> wrote:
>  Perhaps Pater, Durrell, and Sebald have a facility for helping to define
> aspects of a larger culture and moment via surprising and obscure instances
> and experiences?
> I think Durrell would have loved to read that. But my dear Charlie, can
> you give us concrete examples? How does this work?
> *The experience is one in which you start out reading about one declared
> topic--say, Da Vinci's women, Michelangelo's Sonnets, or Winckelmann's final
> journey--only to have the floor gradually shift out from under, leaving you
> somewhere much different.
> *As you know, the image of the floor gradually shifting is not one I like
> to consider. I have been warned that the floor in my study may begin to
> shift because of the weight of my book collection.
> Bill
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