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Hi David,
>     You must have had bad luck and landed at an airport with bad weather 
> or crowded because of the holidays, etc.  I fly in and out of Orlando, 
> Florida, the tourist destination of the world, and can go from the curb to 
> the gate, from checking in to clearing all of the security checks, in 
> about 15 minutes, with no lines.  I cruised through there 6 times this 
> summer with no troubles.  Thus, from my experience, I beg to differ with 
> you--Osama Bin Laden has not done his work well in the US

Anna, I will accept your greater local knowledge. We visited the states at 
Christmas Time and I would say there were a lot of Americans travelling who 
would otherwise not be airborne. LAX was the worst. They lost our bags and 
no one really seemed to know what was happening. Boston was better.
Perhaps next time, I visit at a less busy time.


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