[ilds] February in Louisville, May in Corfu, July in Paris

Pamela Francis albigensian at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 19 11:01:51 PDT 2007

Yes, Durrellians, PR is a bit uneven these days, but not b/c of lack of 
trying...I, for instance, submitted the CFP for Louisville to the MSA 
(Modernist Studies Assoc) and it STILL hasn't gone out--waiting for 
moderator approval, which means, that unlike our moderators, who are always 
at the ready, theirs is sipping cocktails somewhere enjoying the last few 
hours of bliss before the semester begins. And as for the UPENN CFP list, 
which so many of us depended on ( I know I did), it does not go out any 
longer--you have to actually log on, find your section and then go to the 
bottom of the list--NOT very user friendly, esp. as it's something you have 
to remember to do. So vehicles for disseminating info are few and far 
between. The Herald will be out shortly, but please, spread the CFPs for 
Louisville and Paris any place you can...thanks, pamela

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