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Hi David,

     You must have had bad luck and landed at an airport with bad weather or crowded because of the holidays, etc.  I fly in and out of Orlando, Florida, the tourist destination of the world, and can go from the curb to the gate, from checking in to clearing all of the security checks, in about 15 minutes, with no lines.  I cruised through there 6 times this summer with no troubles.  Thus, from my experience, I beg to differ with you--Osama Bin Laden has not done his work well in the US.


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the political dimensions behind terrorism vary of course, but I think that passage from Bitter Lemons is valid non the less in as much as the commonplace suddenly becomes suspicious. I am thinking about American Soldiers in Bagdag trying to figure out which of these apparently ordinary moments is harmless or not. It can't be easy. Our Aussie SAS guys are said to be very good at this stuff, but they have been hauled over the coals for shooting the wrong people - including an American contractor who failed to stop at a road block.

Osama did his work well. When I visited the USA last december, the airports were chaos. the people in the long cues were pissed off, the airport staff were pissed off, I came as close to belting someone as I have in a long time and I thought America is a great place, but I am sure glad I wont be going there for a while.


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