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Thanks for doing the necessary homework, Bill. 

Based on the email queries of late on and off list, I think that there 
was a bit of concern.  Now at least some planning can begin.


            On 8/18/2007 2:13 PM, william godshalk wrote:I found this
            information on the web.

            Lawrence Durrell: a Writer at the Crossroads of Arts and
            Université Paris X-Nanterre, France - 1-5 July 2008
            Deadline for proposals: 30 November 2007

            "The most beautiful experience we can have is the
            mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that
            stands at the cradle of true arts and science."
            (Albert Einstein, "What I believe," 1930).
            The aim of this conference is to explore Lawrence
            Durrell's universe at the crossroads of arts and
            science, but also to explore the world of Paris
            between the wars as the artistic and intellectual
            magnet that drove so many artists to become expatriates.
            The sessions will focus on the relationships
            between Durrell's works and the aesthetic context
            as well as the development of scientific
            research. Contributions dealing with the Parisian
            intellectual and artistic crucible, the arts of
            politics, artistic intertextuality (drama, music,
            painting, philosophy), the scientific fabric
            (Durrell's investigations into quantum theory and
            psychoanalysis) are particularly welcome. But
            other propositions on wider fields are welcome as well.
            Submissions for papers including a 250-word
            abstract, a short biography, and possibly a
            bibliography, as well as any request for specific
            material (recorder, videoprojector or other)
            should be sent by 31 November 2007 to Corinne
            <corinnealexandre-garner at voila.fr>, or Murielle
            Caplan-Philippe <murielle.philippe at u-paris10.fr>,
            or Isabelle Keller-Privat <isa.kellerprivat at free.fr>.

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