[ilds] ILDS Digest, Vol 5, Issue 9

Sumantra Nag sumantranag at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 00:09:42 PDT 2007

Message: 1
> Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 06:49:59 +1000
> From: "Denise Tart & David Green" <dtart at bigpond.net.au>
Subject: [ilds] whatever happened to the lawrence durrell list?

What has happened to the reading of Justine? I do appreciate the widening of 
discussion on Lawrence Durrell, and I'm sure many others also do, but is the 
close reading and discussion of the text of Justine taking place in some 
other sub-forum?! I always have that fear when I find the textual reading 
being supended! It would be nice to resume it, if it has only been lost here 
to other topics of discussion.


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