[ilds] whatever happened to the lawrence durrell list?

Pamela Francis albigensian at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 14 17:53:50 PDT 2007

COLD? Where is that??? I'm leaving right now...it was 103 today, REAL temp, 
not heat index! But as it's rained all summer, this is really the first of 
the famous Houston Heat we've seen this summer. Not that I would know, as 
I've been inside either working on the Travelers in the Middle East Archive, 
the ILDS Herald, or yes, my comprehensive exams. My freckles have faded, i'm 
so white and unsunned! Well, I can only assume the hiatus in Durrellian 
commentary is due to the fact that Charles is on a road trip with Bill (god 
help the roads...), surveying Durrell collections. Jamie, with any luck, is 
getting to spend a few days with Lindsay (I live away from my husband too, 
but we've been married 15 years--being apart is not nearly so fun when 
you're newly hitched!). Anyway, I hope all are well.

(And should I make this all about ME, by saying that since I'm not 
antagonizing Michael and Bruce anymore, they have nothing to say? Somehow, 
knowing Michael, I find that unlikely.  But it does give me a much needed 
boost of self-importance...)

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>Please don't use that monstrous word out of context!
>Wet and cold in Paris.
>Denise Tart & David Green wrote:
> > My dears, where are you? has there been a nuclear holocaust in the
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> > I feel so terribly alone.
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