[ilds] Helprin and Durrell?

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No...i'm certainly not seeing the connection, though I truly loved Winter's 
Tale--but it was certainly more in the genre of magical realism than 
anything LD wrote.  And Helprin's politics make LD look downright 
Leftist...As for "fat" novels--I don't really find any of LD's that 
lengthy--by the time you get rid of all the white spaces in the Quintet, 
it's actually quite short.hope all are well--pamela

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>•Literary influences:
>"Mark Helprin and Lawrence Durrell, both of whom write fat
>and florid novels that appall me now but opened my eyes to the power of
>fiction when I was in my 20s."
>How are (or should I write were?) Mark and Larry alike? They are
>(or were) physically small; they are/were politically conservative. I
>assume that Kevin must see the AQ as one long novel, not four relatively
>short ones. In any case, I very rarely, if ever, think of Durrekk and
>Helprin as comparable prose writers. Perhaps someone will convince me
>that I should.
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