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James Gifford odos.fanourios at gmail.com
Tue Aug 7 10:38:09 PDT 2007

Hello all,

I'm not sure how many Durrellians are heading to the Modernist Studies 
Association conference in November, but Thomas Davis and I have 
organized a seminar that might appeal to those with Durrell-related 
interests.  You can sign up for the seminar on a first-come first-served 
basis -- I'd love to see some familiar faces!

The description and web links are below here.  Their early registration 
deadline is August 15th, and in my experience the seminars always fill 
up on the early registration deadline, though they are rarely full.  It 
has been an excellent conference in my experience, and several ILDS 
members all had fun a few years ago when it came to Vancouver.



MSA 9: Geographies of Visual and Literary Culture
November 1-4


Locations of Late Modernism *
Leaders: Thomas S. Davis tdavis at nd.edu <mailto:tdavis at nd.edu> and James 
Gifford gifford at uvic.ca <mailto:gifford at uvic.ca>*

Contrary to the general sense of the 1930s as a protracted expiration of 
the cosmopolitan modernisms of the preceding decades, this seminar 
recovers the lost geographies of modernist productions developing 
between 1930-1960. We seek papers that examine late modernist formal 
innovations alongside their geographical and political conditions of 
possibility, investigate material distribution networks, and, finally, 
re-conceptualize the period through the terra incognita of the second 
generation of modernists.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

    * International Surrealism (Gascoyne, Agar, Jennings, Read, Brandt,
    * Spanish Civil War (Auden, Picasso, Weil, Townsend Warner, Malraux,
    * Philhellenic and Levantine Modernisms (Seferis, Valaoritis, H.D.,
    * North Africa (Waugh, Douglas, Mahfouz)
    * Rural and Non-Urban Modernisms
    * Travel Writing (West, MacNeice, Leiris, Miller, Sackville-West,
      Dos Passos)


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