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On 8/7/2007 12:19 PM, James Gifford wrote:
> Hello all,
> As I think I may have recounted here, last year when I was teaching the 
> _Quartet_ in one of my courses, I sat down on the bus next to a young 
> woman what was finishing the last very pages of _Clea_.  I assumed from 
> the book that she was a student I (shamefully) didn't recognize, but 
> that wasn't the case.  We have a nice chat, though I didn't interrupt 
> her reading in those last pages.  She read them because her mother said 
> they were "great books."  Sadly, it was the Penguin edition...
> I personally regret the 
> diminution of conversations on public transit that I've noticed since we 
> all switched from books & papers to something with earphones.
> How are those anecdotes, Charles?

Yes--perfect--I think that this illustrates my sense that reading is a 
highly erotic act.  

I can recall a moment following a Greek history class in which someone 
noted my passion for Herodotus.  A moment of wonder, to say the least.

Stay on the bus, Jamie!


Charles L. Sligh
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