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I dont seem to be able to do Greek characters here, but a trascription would read: eis ten archen etan o logos - you can find the Greek lettering on pp 5 and 396 of my book (1st edn). It was a LD leitmotif.
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        In the late 1960s, the University of Cincinnati Libraries purchased Durrell's copy of Ernst Ketschmer's The Psychology of Men of Genius, trans. R. B. Cattrell (London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner, 1931) in the International Library of Psychology series. The library call number is: RB 412 . K73, copy 2. The spine is a trifle loose, and the librarian is chary of making photocopies, but he says that he will make one for me. 

        On the ffep Durrell has signed his name and "The island of Corfu Greece." Underneath Durrell has written a line in Greek, and my Greek being what it is, I'm going to translate (or guess) it as: In the beginning was the word. Thirty pages have been partially underlined (and /or annotated) by Durrell, and on two pages he notes the "heraldic universe." On the rear endpaper, Durrell has listed some page numbers.

          The publishers have appended a brief catalogue of their stock, including The Meaning of Meaning, I. A. Richards, et al.; Biological Memory, Rignano; and The Trauma of Birth, Otto Rank.

        My point should have been that Durrell marked these three books in ways that may have meant something to him, but which leave me puzzled. Durrell did, at some point, read Rank.
  That is a great find, Bill.  When you map out an author's reading, annotated books such as this copy of Ketschmer are priceless.  From what you describe, this book was a node or nexus or starting point, or perhaps it witnessed LD making some particularly interesting (heraldic?) insights and connections.

  Keep us posted.


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