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On 8/2/2007 3:02 PM, william godshalk wrote:

>         In the late 1960s, the University of Cincinnati Libraries
>         purchased Durrell's copy of Ernst Ketschmer's /The Psychology
>         of Men of Genius/, trans. R. B. Cattrell (London: Kegan Paul,
>         Trench, Trubner, 1931) in the International Library of
>         Psychology series. The library call number is: RB 412 . K73,
>         copy 2. The spine is a trifle loose, and the librarian is
>         chary of making photocopies, but he says that he will make one
>         for me.
>         On the ffep Durrell has signed his name and "The island of
>         Corfu Greece." Underneath Durrell has written a line in Greek,
>         and my Greek being what it is, I'm going to translate (or
>         guess) it as: *In the beginning was the word. *Thirty pages
>         have been partially underlined (and /or annotated) by Durrell,
>         and on two pages he notes the "heraldic universe." On the rear
>         endpaper, Durrell has listed some page numbers.
>>         *The publishers have appended a brief catalogue of their
>>         stock, including /The Meaning of Meaning/, I. A. Richards, et
>>         al.; /Biological Memory/, Rignano; and /The Trauma of Birth,
>>         /Otto Rank.*
>         My point should have been that Durrell marked these three
>         books in ways that may have meant something to him, but which
>         leave me puzzled. Durrell did, at some point, read Rank.

That is a great find, Bill.  When you map out an author's reading, 
annotated books such as this copy of Ketschmer are priceless.  From what 
you describe, this book was a node or nexus or starting point, or 
perhaps it witnessed LD making some particularly interesting 
(/heraldic/?) insights and connections.

Keep us posted.


Charles L. Sligh
Department of English
Wake Forest University
slighcl at wfu.edu

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