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As Tom Lehrer once wrote and sang to a nifty tune relating to the  Vatican:
I guess ya gotta know the melody.
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The article refers to an appeal for funds for  Gawsworth in 1970 - this may 
well be true, but if so there was also an  earlier appeal, launched (I think) 
by the Wilde scholar John Stokes who  was then at Reading Uni. My memory may 
be faulty as to who wrote the  appeal, but there is no doubt whatsoever that 
it was prior to 1970, and a  copy was sent to my father on account of his 
having been helpful to  Gawsworth in the early part of WW2, for which G 
appointed my father a Duke  of Redonda (this is hereditary, so this is where 
you all genuflect). My  belief is that this earlier appeal was around 1965.  

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