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What is called this book? The same incident is reported in Ian S. MacNiven's
biography of Lawrence Durrell.

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> I got my copy recently and have ordered a second.  Highly recommended.
Every Durrellian should have one, for home and travel -- indispensable.
Hats off to Chamberlin.  Not only succinct, witty, and informative, but you
get juicy tidbits like this:  "Mid-September [1978]:  LD stays with the
Thomases in Chelsea where he is visited by a young Alexandrian university
student whom he ignores in favour of Margaret McCall.  The student threatens
to kill herself but is talked out of this by Shirely Thomas's daughter" (p.
88).  Life imitates art.  Who was the young rejected woman?  Why?  Every
entry leads to the next like a good mystery.
> Bruce
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