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Marc Piel marcpiel at interdesign.fr
Mon Jul 23 13:48:15 PDT 2007

Is anybody receiving this message or has my order 
and check gone into virtual land??????????
I hold the managers of this list responsible: 
surely you checked the reliability of the 
information before putting up the offer on the 
list in the first place???

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I ordered this and sent a bank check to Corfu on
the 21 June, but still have not received the book.
Is this normal?
Marc Piel

william godshalk wrote:

>> Homme de Lettres
>> by
>> Advance comments on this valuable and entertaining book:
>> Dr Chamberlin has written a superb time line and literary history. It 
>> contains a careful and marvelously complete charting, not only of 
>> Lawrence Durrell’s place within 20th Century literature but of the 
>> 20th Century itself. The listing of biographical, literary, social, 
>> and historical correspondences is both imaginative and insightful and 
>> produces a volume both convenient for the casual reader and essential 
>> for the serious scholar.
>>                                                 James R. Nichols, 
>> Emeritus Professor and English 
>> Department                                                                
>> Chair Georgia Southern University, Chairman of 
>> the                                                                       
>> Durrell School of Corfu Board of Directors, 
>> and                                                                            
>> published author.
>> “This Chronology of Lawrence Durrell will not only be of great 
>> assistance to scholars of the writer, in charting his day-to-day or 
>> month-to-month activities, but will also enlighten them - and the less 
>> specialised reader - as to the moods, preoccupations and anxieties of 
>> a writer's life. Brewster Chamberlin has an extensive knowledge and 
>> appreciation of the arts in Europe and America, and brings this 
>> special insight to his account of Durrell's wide-ranging interests in 
>> painting, philosophy, politics as well as his bonhomie and general 
>> characteristic ability to cope with (most of) the triumphs and 
>> tribulations of an artist's life. The links to the lives of his 
>> mother, siblings, wives and children, and to the international context 
>> of literature, are especially valuable in placing Durrell within that 
>> context, while giving us a unique scenario for the work of creativity 
>> that was the centre of his life.”
>>                                     Richard Pine, Director Emeritus, 
>> Durrell School of Corfu 
>> and                                                    author of 
>> Lawrence Durrell: The Mindscape (2005)
>> “Chamberlin’s LD Chronology is a fascinating chronicle of times 
>> Durrellian and times macrocosmic.  If you know anything about Brewster 
>> you know that part of his genius is the ability to truffle out the 
>> hidden morsel of fact and to present it in an engaging manner.  He has 
>> made an impressive compilation of both the essential events and many 
>> of the small but significant way-posts of Durrell’s life, and has 
>> set them in juxtaposition with the world personalities and happenings 
>> of the twentieth century.  This book is at once an engaging read and 
>> an essential companion for the serious Durrell scholar.”
>>                                     Ian MacNiven, author of Lawrence 
>> Durrell. A Biography (1998)
>> To order:
>>             In North America send a check payable to Lynn-Marie Smith 
>> in the amount of US$15.00 (includes postage and handling) at PO Box 
>> 490, Key West FL 33041.
>>             In the rest of the world send a check payable to the 
>> Durrell School of Corfu in the amount of €12.00 (includes postage and 
>> handling) to thee Durrell School of Corfu, PO Box 94, 49100 Corfu, Greece.
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