[ilds] Kafka and Durrell

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Charles, I'm surprised you didn't bring in some of your Spaniards and Hispanics, the Magical Realists and other descendants of Kafka.

Along the way, it's probably useful to distinguish Durrell's vision of the "order" of things from others, such as Kafka.  I think LD's became darker and darker.


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>>          writes in mysterious parables about an incomprehensible social and cosmic order.  [. . . .] Kafka sees a smokescreen, which language cannot penetrate.
>I am away from my Kafka books, Bruce, but this parable on parables comes 
>to mind:
>>         Concerning this a man once said: Why such reluctance? If you
>>         only followed the parables you yourselves would become
>>         parables and with that rid of all your daily cares.
>>         --Another said: I bet that is also a parable.
>>         --The first said: You have won.
>>         --The second said: But unfortunately only in parable.
>>         --The first said: No, in reality: in parable you have lost.
>>         --"On Parables"


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