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The very same.


On Monday, July 23, 2007, at 08:43  am, Richard Pine wrote:

> Is this the same Anwar Sadat who became (?) President of Egypt?
> RP
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>> Du Maurier wrote Rebecca in Alexandria.  The Germans in the Western
>> Desert used Rebecca as their code book when communicating with their
>> spy in Cairo.  Their spy was an Alexandrian, half Egyptian, half
>> German, called John Eppler, and he operated a wireless on a houseboat
>> in the Nile.  He was assisted by an Egyptian officer called Anwar
>> Sadat.  Eppler was delivered to Cairo across the Western Desert by
>> Count Almasy, the English Patient.  One of the men who arrested Eppler
>> was John Cromer Braun, the man who interviewed Durrell as he stepped
>> off the boat in Alexandria in 1941.  Durrell and Eppler later met in
>> Paris and got on well.
>> It is not Rebecca that is Durrell's life story.  But the role played 
>> by
>> Rebecca in the war is the role played by Durrell's life story in
>> decoding his poems.
>> :Michael

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