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Du Maurier wrote Rebecca in Alexandria.  The Germans in the Western 
Desert used Rebecca as their code book when communicating with their 
spy in Cairo.  Their spy was an Alexandrian, half Egyptian, half 
German, called John Eppler, and he operated a wireless on a houseboat 
in the Nile.  He was assisted by an Egyptian officer called Anwar 
Sadat.  Eppler was delivered to Cairo across the Western Desert by 
Count Almasy, the English Patient.  One of the men who arrested Eppler 
was John Cromer Braun, the man who interviewed Durrell as he stepped 
off the boat in Alexandria in 1941.  Durrell and Eppler later met in 
Paris and got on well.

It is not Rebecca that is Durrell's life story.  But the role played by 
Rebecca in the war is the role played by Durrell's life story in 
decoding his poems.


On Sunday, July 22, 2007, at 09:21  pm, Bruce Redwine wrote:

> I haven't read du Maurier's Rebecca.  Think I'll rent the Hitchock 
> movie instead (1940).  Do you think Durrell saw the film?
> Bruce
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>> Durrell's Rebecca is his life story.
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>> On Sunday, July 22, 2007, at 07:22  pm, william godshalk wrote:
>>> Very nice idea! An encryption machine. So we have to break the code 
>>> of
>>> Durrell Enigma Machine. Too bad we don't have his copy of Rebecca.
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