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On 7/22/2007 1:04 PM, slighcl wrote:

>     A great deal of mystery in those lines.  When I take them as they
>     come, I see the "enigma" that Bruce notes.  The "brown fingers" up
>     early typing/tapping on "sleeping lips." 

So I see that Jamie has listed in the bibliography 
<http://www.durrell-school-corfu.org/bibliog/> the following

>     Press, John. _The Chequer'd Shade: Reflections on Obscurity in
>     Poetry_. London: Oxford University Press, 1968.
>     Notes: Frequent references are made to Durrell's works, _Key to
>     Modern Poetry_ and _Tree of Idleness_ in particular.

Has anyone read that?  Obscurity & Enigma.  Is there a reading of "our 


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